Eliminate the uncertainty in online shoe shopping.

Our company develops a customized web extension (plug-in) for Shoe Companies and Retailers.

no consumer keeps a pair of shoes that don’t fit well

My Feeting Room assures your online shoppers will choose the correct size. It works as an online fitting room, providing a Virtual Try On that determines which is the size needed and how well the shoes will fit.


Satisfied consumers will buy more. Providing the customers with confidence they are buying the right size will encourage them to make more purchases.

latest technological advance

In the 21st century, time is more important than ever. Users don’t want to lose time using rudimentary methods. Opt for convenience.

enhances consumer experience

Emulate the experience of going to a shop, but without leaving home.


Problems in sizing is the most typical issue why people return shoes. Percentage of returns decrease drastically when shoppers are sure they are going to fit well.


80% of the consumers that have to return the first thing they buy in a shop, never come back to it. More trust in your brand = more purchases in your website.


Users value the differentiation. Embrace the Virtual-Try-On era before your competitors.